Alleged Stranger Things Telltale Games Footage Surfaces

Footage from the Stranger Things Telltale Games series has supposedly surfaced online. A few short clips of alleged gameplay have been leaked and spread on Reddit, and other sites today. The footage appears to be early, and working with Telltale’s new engine and tools.

The footage comes from unknown sources, and its validity is still unknown as no former Telltale developers have commented on the clips. The clips give credence to the idea that the Telltale Games Stranger Things series would be set during or after season two of the Netflix show. One clips shows Joyce Byers on the phone with Dr. Owens Sam Owens while Will, her son, is walking down the hallway. It appears that players control Will Byers, although it’s possible there were multiple planned protagonists planned.

The next clip show Will shuffling through a drawer in the Byers’ kitchen while Joyce is talking to him. The art style is distinctly Telltale, but it’s been shifted somewhat due to the new engine. Internet commenters have been quick to judge the characters’ massive, soul-sucking eyes. Keep in mind that this footage was likely very early and nowhere near completion.

Two clips showcasing Telltale’s rendition of the Demogorgon were also posted online. The first shows it coming around a corner, and seemingly injuring the player character while in a first-person view. The next clip sees the player character hiding underneath a bed while the Demogorgon stomps about. Again, this clip is also in first-person which would have been a departure for the developer.


It is unlikely that Telltale’s Stranger Things will ever come out. The studio laid off most of its staff last week, and those left are seemingly there to work on the Netflix Minecraft: Story Mode project. Ex-Telltale Games employees have been online sharing unseen footage from previous games, and looking for new employment. Whether these clips are elaborate fakes or early looks at the now-cancelled Stranger Things Telltale project is still uncertain. Netflix still has plans to make a Stranger Things game, with or without Telltale Games.