Telltale Games Asked to Pay Severance by God of War Director Cory Barlog

Telltale Games has revealed that it is looking for methods in which to release the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, with 225 staff members having been laid off by the studio without receiving any severance pay, God of War director Cory Barlog has requested that the company instead pay its former employees.

Telltale Games previously announced that it is shutting down operations, leaving a 25-person skeleton crew to fulfill its contractual obligations. It was soon reported that those let go from the company had not received any severance pay, leading to the studio being roundly criticized on social media. Now the company has tweeted that it is looked to release Episode 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead‘s last season, though many wish to see its employees paid fairly instead.

“Multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see The Final Season through to its completion,” the Telltale Games Twitter account posted. “While we can’t make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes 3 and 4 to be completed and released in some form.”

Cory Barlog, the creative director behind Sony Santa Monica’s God of War, replied to the tweet and expressed how he wanted the studio’s staff to be treated with “humanity” and “respect.”

“I would hope this means that you will first pay your entire team their severance, and then proceed to finish the final episodes,” Barlog responded. “I would be fine waiting however long it took to ensure we first treated those who worked so hard with the humanity and respect they deserve.”

When another user noted how severance pay may not have been included in the employees’ contracts, Barlog added that he believed Telltale should pay its staff as compensation for their hard work.

“I think what I am suggesting is that when you look people in the eye and ask for their best, to come together and create something great, you should take on that task as well,” he continued. “Treating others with respect is not a law, but how great would the world be for our kids if it were.”

Telltale has yet to reveal its potential partners, though regardless of whether or not The Walking Dead: The Final Season goes ahead, it’s set to be a contentious decision from the developer.