MH World Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Has Aloy Armor & More

The latest Monster Hunter World crossover event is looking to be a bit of a blast from the past. There was already a Horizon Zero Dawn event close to the original launch of MH World on the PC, but Aloy appears to be making a comeback in the new Heart of the Nora event. This MH World Horizon Zero Dawn crossover will bring an Aloy armor set as well as the ability to maintain the stats on your gear whilst applying glamors to it so you don’t have to sacrifice strength for style.

In order to obtain this new Aloy armor, it looks like players are going to have to steel themselves and square up against two Deviljhos. As Horizon Zero Dawn was available only on the PS4, PC hunters are likely going to have to sit this one out. Those in the console club will also be familiar with the fact that the last Horizon Zero Dawn event came with armor for your Palico. The requisite quests are available on rotation so players who have missed out on the chance to get armor for their feline friend should keep an eye out on when they’ll next get the opportunity.

The Heart of the Nora is speculated to come in October, perhaps around the time that the Arch-Tempered Lunastra event ends. It was only recently announced on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account (@monsterhunter) so we’re definitely looking forward to learning more about this latest Horizon Zero Dawn event, and to find out if it will bring even more fearsome enemies than the last one.

The Final Fantasy XIV crossover event was one of spectacular proportions, so here’s hoping that Aloy’s new venture into Astera will be just as memorable. We’ve had Palico armor and hunter armor already, but there could be any number of rewards out there that we haven’t yet had the chance to tame.