Atelier Arland Deluxe Pack Release Date Confirmed for PS4, Switch, and PC

Koei Tecmo has announced that all three of its Atelier Arland trilogy games will come together as Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this December. Only available as a digital download on all three platforms this Atelier Arland Deluxe Pack release date is set December 4, 2018 in Europe and North America.

The news was broken by Koei Tecmo’s official Twitter account. You can see the tweet below:

Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack includes Atelier Rorona The Alchemist of Arland DXAtelier Totori The Adventurer of Arland DX, and Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland DX. Every previously released piece of DLC for each of the three games also comes included in the package. While there is no physical release of the package, it will be up to you whether you want to buy them individually, or all together at a discounted price. This can be done on either the PS4, Switch, or PC.

Atelier RoronaTotori, and Meruru originally released on PS3 back in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively. Ports of each game hit the PS Vita at a later date, Meruru (the last in the trilogy) released in 2013. Reception of each game was somewhat mixed upon release. Rorona Plus (a 2014 updated re-release) scored an average of 80 on MetacriticTotori, meanwhile, favored slightly worse with an average review score of 74Meruru, however, generated an average review score of 66 on PS3, and 74 on PS Vita.

The Atelier Arland Deluxe Pack follows on from the large amount of Final Fantasy games headed to Switch. Its December 4, 2018 release date, however, does put it in direct competition with Square Enix’s Just Cause 4, but the two will likely have a different audience. Just a couple of months later, however, Square’s Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on PS4 and Xbox One. There are plenty of JRPGs on the way very soon and Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack has a lot of competition to contend with.