Atelier Lulua Release Date Announced

Koei Tecmo revealed Atelier Lulua The Scion of Arland yesterday, and now an Atelier Lulua release date has been announced. The latest entry into the long-running RPG series is heading West in Spring 2019 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is a direct sequel to the Arland Trilogy series of Atelier games.

Alongside the brand-new entry Lulua, Koei Tecmo is also bringing a remastered trilogy pack of the Atelier Arland games to the West on December 4, 2018. According to the Atelier Lulua official website, “the latest title is set in a world proceeding the story of Atelier Meruru.” Koei explains that “the title depicts how characters and locations have changed over time.” Lulua is “set in a world both nostalgic and new, the curtain lifts on another adventure for the alchemists.”

You’ll play as Elmerulia Fryxell (Lulua), who is the daughter of Rorona.  After Lulua discovers a mysterious book, she’ll go on an adventure towards becoming an alchemist just as her mother before her. Accompanying her is Eva Armster, “who is always watching over her like a guardian angel.” You’ll explore, battle and synthesize your way through Atelier Lulua’s world.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Atelier Lulua acts as something of a best of. It maintains “a system that fans of the Arland series will be familiar with at its core.” Lulua, however, “also continues to evolve the system.” Koei Tecmo adds that “the title extracts the essence of the system, which has continued to be cultivated, all the way up from the series’ roots to its latest numbered title. A unique melding of such elements makes possible an entirely new gaming experience.”

While Koei Tecmo hasn’t gone into too much detail regarding Atelier Lulua, the release date of Spring 2019 does mean we’ll learn more about the game soon. As always, keep with GameRevolution for any new developments.