Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle Announced

Microsoft has announced that an Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle will be soon available to purchase. It will come with the console, the game, and various other extras to get players started on the popular battle royale game. This announcement comes shortly after PS4 and Nintendo Switch exclusive content for the title was also revealed.

The new Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle will be available to purchase in the United States later this week. It will cost $300. The bundle will include a 1TB Xbox One S, Fortnite, the Eon outfit, Aurora glider, and Resonator pickaxe. In addition to this, the set will also come with 2,000 V-Bucks. This will give new players enough to purchase a battle pass for the upcoming sixth season. They will also have enough left over to either purchase another battle pass, or various other cosmetics and items from the in-game store.

The bundle will also come with a one month trial for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. This will allow you to play the massively popular game. However, you will need to get a full Xbox Live subscription to continue playing it after the trial period. Take a look at the bundle below.

Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle

The set will also be available in various other territories, with the Australia and New Zealand versions being of particular interest. The ANZ territory’s bundle will be available in Xbox One S and Xbox One S models. This is intriguing as no other territories seem to allow for such an option.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games around the world currently, with the game having 78.3 million players last month. It will be entering its sixth full season on September 27. In the lead up to this, Epic Games has been releasing various teasers in anticipation for its newest content period.