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What the Fortnite Cowgirl Teaser Means for Season 6

Epic Games has dropped another teaser for Fortnite season six, this time showing a Fortnite Cowgirl. This could be yet another skin for the newest competitive period for the popular battle royale game. So with the Llama DJ and now this western themed outfit, what could this mean for the game? Let’s figure this out.

What is the Fortnite Cowgirl?

The Fortnite Cowgirl is the figure in the latest teaser for season 6 of the battle royale game. Much like the previous teaser, this one also shows a never-before-seen outfit superimposed on the purple cube. This time, however, the image shows a masked cowgirl. Who knows how this skin could be made available, but considering its association with the newest season, it would be no surprise to see it as a reward in the new season 6 Battle Pass.

What does the Fortnite Cowgirl mean for Season 6?

Combined with the Llama DJ from before, the Fortnite Cowgirl is raising a lot of questions. So far, these two skins do not suggest any coherent theme. Could Epic Games be abandoning themed season content? Only time will tell.

However, there have been some interesting theories cropping up. Some Reddit users have speculated that the two completely different skins actually could suggest a theme: time travel. The theory goes that the two reveals might represent different eras of history, with the Hot Ride glider acting like a hint as well. Since the cosmetic item resembles the DeLorean from the Back to the Future franchise, these fans think this could all lead to a season all about temporal shenanigans.

But what about the purple cube? Does this teaser answer any more questions? At the time of writing, no. However, the evil Brite Bomber from the leaked week 10 loading screen could be a further hint at what is to come in Fortnite. There is no equivalent ‘good’ version of this new skin, so could the evil skins be limited to Brite Bomber?

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