FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Card Pack Odds

EA Reveals FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Card Pack Odds and They’re Pretty Bad

FIFA Ultimate Team’s FIFA 19 packs have now had their odds publicly released by EA and the news is looking pretty grim. It looks like the chances of players getting prized Ones to Watch cards sit squarely at less than 1% in those packs, which cost a dear amount of in-game currency to acquire. Those special players are the most valuable because of their superior stats and performance over the course of a season, so those who are lucky enough to nab them will be ruling the pitch. That being said, the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team card pack odds are so low that many in the community may never benefit from those players anyway.

Since EA has recently started disclosing the odds of getting certain types of cards in its pack, fans have been more than a little discontent with the fact that their chances of getting a valuable Ones to Watch card are so low. According to Windows Central, these cards are special because they can be upgraded compared to regular versions of the standard cards should their real-life counterparts play well and get an “In Form” card. Ones to Watch cards perform, then, can perform better, which makes them a formidable weapon to the players who can get them. Unfortunately for everyone, there’s no real tried or true guaranteed method of obtaining those cards – it looks to be entirely RNG.

This is understandably frustrating for a lot of players. The sub-1% drop rate is incredibly unforgiving even by RNG standards, which makes it statistically unlikely that the vast majority of players will ever get the chance to actually acquire a Ones to Watch card. The few elites that do, however, will hold a clear advantage over the rest, which surely doesn’t feel very fair. It remains to be seen whether EA Sports will actually do anything about these odds now that fans are actively contributing to an outcry against them, but only time will tell.

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