Pokemon Go EX Raids Getting Cancelled

Many people are unsure about what has gotten a string of Pokemon Go EX Raids cancelled.

EX Raids, which are invite-only Raids that offer players the chance to get a Pokemon that isn’t usually obtainable in Pokemon Go, are already shrouded in controversy due to the fact that not all players get the opportunity to partake in them. However, it seems even those who are invited to EX Raids still aren’t guaranteed their slot.

Although EX Raids have been cancelled in the past, last week saw a mass cancellation of EX Raids on a global scale. Comicbook reported that players who had been invited to Deoxys EX Raids received notifications that their Raid had been cancelled just a few hours before it was due to start. No explanation was offered in the cancellation message.

Niantic Support addressed the issue a few days ago on Twitter with the following message:

Hi Trainers, we appreciate your patience as we investigated yesterday’s EX Raid Pass cancellation. Unfortunately, due to an error on our end, we are unable to restore cancelled EX Raid Passes. We’re sincerely sorry and are working on fixing this for the next round of EX Raids.

Although Niantic is due to send out more EX Raid invitations later this week, players who had their Raids cancelled won’t get another shot at getting Deoxys. They won’t even get an actual explanation as to why their raid got cancelled.

Although the recent round of EX Raids were mostly cancelled, players can still partake in regular Raids as per usual. Mewtwo will be a Tier 5 Raid Boss until October 23, so players can attempt that Raid Battle while they wait for more information on upcoming EX Raids. You can read up on how to catch Mewtwo here, and how to locate regular Raids here.