Doomfist Halloween skin

Overwatch Doomfist Halloween Skin Revealed

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event is due to kick off next week and the first Legendary skin has been revealed as a Doomfist Halloween skin. The skin is called “Swamp Monster,” and seems to be a reference to the monster in Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar-winning The Shape of Water

PC Gamer reported the new skin, which Blizzard shared on the official PlayOverwatch Twitter page. This is the first of the leaked skins to get an official reveal, and was likely revealed in order to get players excited for the event that launches on October 9. Blizzard regularly teases new content in this way in the run-up to a major seasonal event.

“Swamp Monster,” or “Doomfish,” is a blue monster with gills, a spotted pattern, and fins above his ears—much like Del Toro’s monster.

Considering that the Santa Claus Torbjorn yells “Merry Molten Core,” and Lifeguard McCree says “It’s high tide” before using Deadeye, it could be interesting for Doomfish to get a unique audio cue or animation for the Swamp Monster skin. Maybe his Meteor Strike could cause water to splash when he comes crashing down on the enemy team, or something.

Information about other Halloween skins for Overwatch was previously leaked, although it only contained the names for the skins in question: Spider Queen, Bride, Ghost, and Slasher. Although it is not yet known who these skins will be for, Spider Queen likely refers to either Widowmaker or Orisa. It would make sense for Widowmaker to get the Bride skin, too, as she was formerly married to Gerard Lacroix. Ghost could be for Tracer, Reaper, Moira, or Sombra, whereas Slasher makes sense for Roadhog and Torbjorn. Whether or not these predictions turn out to be true will be revealed on October 9, when all of this year’s Halloween skins will launch as part of the Halloween Terror update.

Halloween Terror launches on all Overwatch platforms on October 9.

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