Nintendo Registers New Pokemon Monpoke Trademark

Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, Inc. have come together in order to register a brand new Pokemon Monpoke trademark. Nobody knows what Monpoke is yet, but apparently it covers “every conceivable possibility including software and beards.” reported the news that Monpoké had officially been filed, but the only information that has been made available so far is the name of the trademark and the following image:

new Pokemon trademark

According to Serebii, “at present it’s not clear whether this is related to games, merchandise or a real-life event.”

The Monpoké logo is particularly interesting, as the upper left Poke Ball resembles what players know to be the standard Poke Ball logo. However, the other Poke Balls have much stranger color schemes, making the already ambiguous trademark even more mysterious.

The stylish logo could imply that Monpoke refers to an upcoming line of Pokemon merchandise, but if that is the case, Creatures, Inc. wouldn’t necessarily have any role to play in its realization. Therefore, it seems likely that Monpoke could be a trademark that was filed in relation to an upcoming game.

However, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are due to launch in November, and it’s well known that a Pokemon Switch project is in the works. On top of that, Game Freak is working on Town at the moment. Could it really be the case that Monpoke has something to do with yet another Pokemon title?

Regardless of what Monpoke is, it’s likely that the three parties involved will be tight-lipped about it for now. Hopefully Monpoke refers to some sort of reverse metaverse within the Pokemon universe, in which bearded Pokemon software engineers battle it out to see who can assemble the strongest team of humans in order to become the Human League Champion. (Not the “Don’t You Want Me, Baby?” guys, by the way…)