A New Petition Calls for an In-Game Overwatch Jeff Kaplan Spray

An Overwatch Jeff Kaplan spray may be getting added to Blizzard’s popular title in the near future if the developer listens to a popular post on Reddit. Kaplan is the creative director behind Overwatch, and has been a fan-favorite ever since the game released back in 2016. Recently, a group of fans came together to set up a petition for an in-game homage to Kaplan, which has since gone viral. Blizzard has not responded.

The petition was included in a Reddit post, posted yesterday by user Torbdor. The post has since been upvoted over 4,000 times, which constitutes a whopping 94 percent of the total votes cast. To this, Torbdor has since said, “Your move, Blizzard.” Fans who took part in the Reddit petition have even gone as far as speculating as to what a Jeff Kaplan spray might look like in-game.

Sprays have been a part of Overwatch since its induction. Some sprays are general, and can be used by any hero. Others are specific to certain heroes, and can even be related to unlocking achievements and trophies. However, there is currently no spray in the game that represents its director.

The reason for fans wanting a Jeff Kaplan spray in Overwatch is likely due to his infamous developer’s update videos, which are regularly posted on the official Overwatch YouTube channel. The most recent of these updates was a video detailing the Torbjörn changes that hit the PTR two weeks ago, which also included details of the game’s new improvements to colorblind accessibility.

Kaplan was also in the recent video concerning the Overwatch Lego sets that were announced back in May. This video sees Kaplan assembling a piece of Lego, which comes to life as Cadet Lena Oxton, aka Tracer.

It is currently unknown if Blizzard will act on this petition. However, Papa Jeff usually does his best to give the fans what they want and has been known to share a sense of humor about his status among the community. He’s even positively responded to YouTuber Dinoflask’s videos, which transform Kaplan’s Developer Updates into comedic sketches.