Pokemon Mimikyu Plush Revealed

With Halloween fast approaching, a Pokemon Mimikyu plush has been revealed by Bandai. Although the Ghost-type Pokemon will be available as a plush soon, it won’t quite be ready for Halloween, unfortunately. It seems its announcement alone aligned with the festivities of this month.

Forbes has reported that the Mimikyu plush will be available from January onward, much like the Eevee plush that was made available this January. Although Mimikyu is absolutely terrifying, the plush exposes its cute side.

For those who are unfamiliar with this Pokemon, Mimikyu was introduced in Generation 7 of Pokemon. Described as a lonely Pokemon, it wears a rag over its body in order to conceal its horrifying appearance from people and other Pokemon, as it just wants to be accepted. The rag has the likeness of Pikachu painted on it, right down to the red circles on its cheeks.

The Pokedex entry for Pokemon Sun mentions that a scholar who saw under the rag went home and died that same night, and an entry from Pokemon Ultra Moon mentions that the same thing happened to a passing trainer. As a result of this, Mimikyu will attempt to keep its rag on at all costs. In its busted form, after its disguise has been broken, Mimikyu will tirelessly fix its rag as if its life depended on it. Now, you can make sure that no one ever busts poor Mimikyu’s disguise again, and give it all the attention it wants and deserves.

You can pre-order your very own Mimikyu plush here, for the price of 5,616 yen, or just less than $50. Orders should be dispatched by the end of January. The plush even comes with a keyboard rest, so you can sit Mimikyu on your lap as you type away. Remember, Mimikyu’s Z-Move is creepily called “Let’s Snuggle Forever,” so it’s supposed to keep you company whether you’re working or not.