Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Details Revealed

The Pokemon Let’s Go gameplay that fans have seen to date has quickly established the fact that the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, are set to do things differently to their mainline Pokemon predecessors. Although it was already known that these titles would opt for more of a Pokemon Go aesthetic than previous games in the franchise, it seems that even the gameplay will be radically different from other Pokemon games.

A video posted to YouTube by Easy Allies gives an indication as to what the first fifteen minutes of Pokemon Let’s Go has in store for fans. Although it was already known that the capture mechanics in Pokemon Let’s Go would be similar to those of Pokemon Go, even these mechanics have been refined. A Pokemon like Rattata may stand still as you attempt to catch it by making a throwing motion with either the Joy-Con or the Poké Ball Plus controller. However, Jigglypuff will bounce around the screen, making it far more difficult to catch, and far more personable. It makes sense for a Pokemon like Rattata to stand still, holding its ground opposite a trainer; Jigglypuff, on the other hand, would be far less likely to do this, and Pokemon Let’s Go acknowledges that.

Battles are similar to those of the mainline Pokemon games, despite having perhaps more in-depth physical animations tied to moves. The battles themselves pay homage to previous titles, with the bug catchers from Viridian Forest resembling even their earliest iterations.

Other than this new information, Pokemon Lets Go will have an entirely different set of capture mechanics for catching Legendary Pokemon. Also noteworthy is the fact that players can import Pokemon from Pokemon Go, meaning that players can transfer their best Pokemon Go Pokemon over to their Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu launch for the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018.