Strange Brigade Thrice of the Damned DLC Available to Download

The Strange Brigade Thrice of the Damned DLC is now available to download. Strange Brigade developer Rebellion has revealed that part one of its three-part DLC campaign, Isle of the Dead, is ready to be played on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The news came via a reveal trailer on Strange Brigade’s official Youtube channel. Opening up the video with the game’s signature steampunk, 1930s-inspired feel, the footage shows off the location for Thrice of the Damned.

Players are thrust into the action on the Isle of the Dead against skeleton pirates as they search for new treasures and loot for their collection. Players are also tasked with stopping the “coming plague,” though there’s no word of what this threat actually is. Isle of the Dead can be downloaded as part of the Strange Brigade season pass, or $6.99 (£5.69) if gamers want to buy it as a standalone expansion.

After the reveal footage is shown off in suitable fashion, the latest character to join Strange Brigade’s ranks is unveiled. Tessie Caldwell, dubbed the famous “Rebel of the Skies,” is available to download as part of the “American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack.” This DLC package is ready for purchase on Xbox One, PS4, and PC as well, and will set players back $7.99 (£6.39) if bought separately.

Finally, Strange Brigade fans can take on new Score Attack and Horde modes as free updates to the title. The Tunnels map for Horde mode, as well as the Towering Temple and Cursed Village updates, now denoted as version two of the previous maps, can be downloaded as of today. Further updates and DLC for Strange Brigade are due to be released in late October and November respectively. Both will include the next chapter in the Thrice of the Damned mini-campaign, new characters, and maps for Score Attack and Horde modes.