Tetris Effect Pre-Order Bonuses and Price Revealed

Tetris Effect may be a puzzle game but its price and pre-order bonuses are a puzzle no longer. Publisher Enhance, Inc. has announced that Tetris Effect will launch physically and digitally on PS4 for $39.99 and will come with avatars, a soundtrack sampling, and a discount for anyone for pre-orders before its launch date on November 9.

As described on the game’s website, pre-orders for either version come with a soundtrack sampler with seven original tracks from the game. This includes the popular “Connected (Yours Forever)” song from the trailer. The PS4 dynamic theme that also comes in this whole pre-order package will play that track and will be accompanied by the typical light animations that dynamic themes have. The other six tracks are “Bosscage,” “World of Colors,” “Look Up,” “So They Say,” “Temptations,” and “New Beginnings.” These tracks names will likely be more familiar once we hear them in the game.

tetris effect avatars

Players will also get seven avatars as well as seven songs. These trippy, particle-rich pictures for your PSN profile will be ripped straight from the game, meaning you will be able to see that dolphin and jellyfish thing in the actual title. Pre-orders are now live on the PSN Store and the game, along with everything else here, will come with a 10 percent discount for anyone who buys it before 9 p.m. PT on November 8. This discount is only available in Europe for PlayStation Plus members.

This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Tetris Effect. Enhance promises that we will see more about its 30 different backgrounds and 10 unique modes before the end of the month. It even teased that people will be able to play the game as part of a “public weekend trial demo” at some point in the future.

We have played Tetris Effect at E3 and EGX and walked away impressed both times. The visuals and modern twist on the classic block-dropping gameplay made quite an impression on us, especially in virtual reality.