World War 3 Storms Into Early Access Next Week

World War 3 is coming. No, you haven’t missed anything major on the evening news. This World War 3 is a realistic multiplayer-focused first-person shooter hitting Steam Early Access on October 19. The game is being developed and published by The Farm 51, an independent Polish studio best known for last year’s sleeper hit Get Even and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation.

Based in a modern military setting, World War 3 aims for realism in its multiplayer battles. Featured systems include country appropriate attire and weaponry for each faction, a functional armor system and more. Since it’s on PC, you can also expect a fair amount of leaning around corners and piercing shots through patches of drywall.

What you won’t see here are classes. Instead of picking from a few archetypes, World War 3 will let you mix and match to create your own breed of soldiers. There’s a robust customization system that covers weapons, vehicles, gear, and uniforms. No matter what you want to bring to the battlefield, you’re good to go.

World War 3 Tank

There are two different game modes to choose from at the start. Warzone features larger teams fighting over specific capture points, and Recon has smaller squads going after high-value targets. If you’ve played Battlefield in recent years, you can see exactly what The Farm 51 are going for here.

Outside of each battle, the war rages on. The Steam page describes an ongoing war map where you can place resources to take over territories for your team. Similar in function to For Honor‘s ongoing metagame, this opens the door for seasonal updates and other games as a service perks.

In recent years, both Call of Duty and Battlefield have abandoned the modern military setting. A game like World War 3 could scratch the itch of a certain set of shooter fans, but time will tell if the game does catch on. If you want to be one of the first to fight, you can suit up and ship out on October 19 for $28 on Steam Early Access.