Automaton Dev Talks Mavericks vs PUBG in Latest AMA

A Mavericks vs PUBG showdown could be on the cards thanks to a recent AMA. Rob Moody, the Automaton animator on Mavericks, explained the nuances within the game that will make it stand out from its competitors. When quizzed on how different the animations will feel, Moody revealed that the development team wanted Mavericks to feel quicker than PUBG.

“Our current plan is to be faster than PUBG, but slower than Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout. I’ve recently been in a long meeting with Joel (our gameplay programmer) talking about just this issue,” he revealed on Reddit. “I think we agreed on a speed similar to Battlefield 3. The idea is to give the player enough speed to get places quickly but not give the game an arcadey feel like Blackout does.”

Another area of query was Mavericks‘ decision over whether to include snap cover in the game or not. Moody commented on why the title would not be incorporating this feature, whereby players quickly stick to cover if they move close enough to a wall.

“So after a long design back and forth, as a studio, we are currently against using snap cover in the game for a number of reasons,” he stated. “Our focus for the game is first-person and, in general, snap cover in first-person can feel janky and a little disjointing. Most games that implement it well (The Division for example) are strictly third-person which enables the player to see more with a larger field of view when in the snap cover state.”

Mavericks describes itself as a “revolutionary MMO tactical shooter”, which is developed by Automaton in partnership with the likes of Improbable and Crytek. Automaton promised back in June that it was aiming for a ludicrously high player number of 1,000 on a single server map – a far cry from the 100 players that PUBG and Fortnite currently allow.