Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapons Detailed

Rockstar Games has revealed more details from Red Dead Redemption 2 ahead of its release for the PS4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018. The details concern Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons and customizations, as well as the returning Dead Eye gameplay mechanic from 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. Gamers can look forward to a bevy of new weapons to use in the highly anticipated open-world game.

According to Rockstar Games, there will be a more than 50 Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons, which will arrive with a wide range of customization options. This includes a massive array of different ammunition types to focus on improving certain specifications like accuracy, range, or damage. The handling of guns will be quite realistic in the upcoming game, as they will degrade over time if not maintained well. However, using the same gun will also allow protagonist Arthur Morgan to perform better with that particular weapon.

Besides different types of ammo, Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons can be customized with everything from visual upgrades like the type of metals, wood, and engravings, to performance upgrades like replacing barrels, grips, sights, and scopes. A weapon can look very different than it initially was, thanks to the variety of customization options. Each weapon will also have its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the double-action revolver works best on horseback, while the sawed-off shotgun works better at close range.

Additionally, the new Dead Eye system in Red Dead Redemption 2 enables it to gradually improve throughout the game as players gain experience. This allows players to unlock new abilities like automatically selecting targets in their crosshairs, or even pinpointing the weak spots on enemies. In other related news, the developer has also confirmed that the upcoming game will feature over 200 species of animals and fish, each of which will behave and respond to their surroundings in unique ways. One of those surroundings could, say, be shooting them with one of the 50 guns.