Bungie Will Bundle Destiny 2 DLC With Forsaken Expansion

Destiny 2Forsaken released last month to much critical praise. Similar to DestinyThe Taken King, it improved on core issues and brought lapsed players back. One of the only knocks against it was that it required owning the other Destiny 2 DLC packs, content deemed less than stellar by the community. It seems that Bungie has heard the call. Both Curse of Osiris and Warmind will join Forsaken at no extra charge on October 16.

It is great news for those curious about Destiny 2‘s new content. This could be a bummer for people who have been keeping up with Bungie’s content schedule. It’s never great to purchase an anticipated release only to have it lose value so soon after release. Thankfully, the studio has some rewards for their loyal customers that should help to soften the blow.

Destiny 2 DLC Forsaken Veteran Rewards

If you own Destiny 2: Forsaken before October 16, you will gain access to the Veterans of the Hunt Bundle. You get two unique items, a sought after black shader and a matching emblem. On top of that, you get two exotic emotes, Knife Trick and Coin Flip. To round things off, you receive a bundle of consumables that includes Fireteam Medallions, Vanguard, Crucible Boons, and Finest Matterweaves. According to Bungie on Twitter, qualifying players will receive this bundle sometime in December.

Customers who purchased one or both Destiny 2 DLC packs but not Forsaken aren’t so lucky. There has been an influx of new players since Destiny 2 was part of the PlayStation Plus lineup last month. Many of those players might have purchased the content after getting the game for free.

Longtime Destiny players will have known this was coming, as Destiny worked the same way with The Taken King. Some more in-game trinkets are nice, but any lingering frustrations are understandable. We can only hope that they get this situation right with the inevitable release of Destiny 3Realms of Traveling.