Pixel Buds Google Translate Feature Now on More Devices

The Pixel Buds Google Translate feature is now included on even more devices than ever before. This flagship feature of Google’s listening device allows for real-time-translations with the push of a button. The Pixel Buds were initially launched in October 2017. The wireless earbuds are available on the Google store for $159.

The support site for the Google Pixel Buds has updated to show that any headphones with Google Assistant built-in will have this translation feature. In addition to this, the feature is no longer tied to just Google Pixel branded phones and is now available to all Android devices. This means that devices such as the Sony WI-1000X and the Bose QC35 II can now use this function.

This translation feature allows for 40 languages to be translated via the Google Translate app and a compatible device. A user would need to first activate their Google Assistant on the listening device of choice, and then speaking into the device in their native tongue. This is then translated via an Android device and output in the desired foreign language. For a response, the other person needs to speak into the phone which then is translated and fed back into the user’s headphones or earbuds.

This service does come with some minimum requirements, however. Apart from the prerequisite device, an Android device running 6.0 or higher will be needed. This limits this translation functionality to newer phones. In addition to this, iOS devices, for the moment, will also not have the ability to translate conversations on the fly. Finally, the latest versions of the main Google and Translate apps are needed.

Google has also recently revealed many new devices such as a new Pixel device, tablet-slate, and a new home assistant device. These will all be releasing in the near future at various different price-points.