Dragalia Lost Halloween Event Now Available To Play

The Dragalia Lost Halloween event has launched for the mobile RPG. Much like the previous event, this will only be available for a limited time and will also come packed with various exclusive adventurers and items. An end date is set at October 26, 2018. The game launched earlier this year on mobile devices in select regions.

Trick or Treasure, as the new Dragalia Lost Halloween event is called, celebrates the spooky psued0-holiday. It will again offer exclusive quests and rewards for participation. This time around, though, the story is a lot more lighthearted. The various denizens of the castle are preparing to celebrate Halloween when they are attacked by various monsters and fiends. The player is then tasked to help fend off enemies and make sure the celebration goes ahead smoothly.

Apart from its aesthetics and story, this event differs from the previous one in many ways. The most major change comes from the fact that there is no raid boss to battle. Trick or Treasure instead focuses on clearing quests to obtain items called snack-o-lanterns to upgrade an exclusive facility called the Sweet Retreat. This candy-themed building will give stat boosts to characters aligned with the light element.

In addition to this, snack-0-lanterns can also be traded in for various upgrade materials and weapons over the course of the event.  Additionally, as the player progresses through the quests they will also receive smaller rewards such as rupies or more snack-o-lanterns. Some adventurers have also received festive makeovers as well. Exclusive until the event ends is a summoning showcase which introduces Halloween themed characters and dragons to the gacha system. The ones featured, however, will be difficult to get since they are of a higher rarity.

Dragalia Lost launched September 27 of this year. During its first few days, the game surpassed over $3 million in revenue through its microtransaction system.

[Image Source: @rdragalialost ]