Dragalia Lost Loyalty’s Requiem Event Is Now Live and Available to Play

The very first Dragalia Lost Loyalty’s Requiem event has launched for all users. This limited time event is running until October 15. It features a brand-new adventurer who joins you solely for the event, unless certain conditions are met. It also offers many exclusive rewards for completing the quests and objectives for it.

Loyalty’s Requiem focuses on the story of Celliera as she helps the protagonist solve the mystery of the fiend Phaeganoth. The new feature introduced with this limited time event is Temporary Characters. This new mechanic allows an adventurer to temporarily join the player’s party for the duration of an event. Once the player has played enough quests with this character, however, they are able to permanently add them to their roster.

Loyalty’s Requiem also adds raid battles to the game. This allows four players to bring their whole party to a boss battle, meaning 16 adventurers can be fighting at once. Clearing these raids can also net players peregrine blazons, which allows them to do event specific summoning. In addition to this, to challenge the final raid boss, players need to complete the story-focused quests first. The limited-time event also offers an exclusive flame dragon called Pele as a reward. It’s not clear how big of a grind this challenge will be, so give yourself plenty of time to complete the event before that October 15 deadline!

Dragalia Lost was originally announced earlier this year in April. It was further detailed in a Nintendo Direct presentation later in the year and was released September 27. The mobile action RPG follows the story of a prince trying to save his kingdom with the help of various dragons. It features “gacha” style randomized loot boxes and an overall anime-style. The game is developed by the Kyoto-based company in cooperation with Cygames, creators of the Granblue Fantasy franchise. It recently surpassed over $3 million in revenue in its first five days.