Dragalia Lost Nets Over $3 Million Revenue in First Five Days

Dragalia Lost‘s revenue has surpassed $3 million in its first five days on the market. The new Nintendo and Cygamesdeveloped action role-playing game released last week in a limited set of territories including Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Sensor Tower published the information in a blog post on their site.

Sensor Tower’s app store analytics noted the game has grossed around $3.5 million since release. That number includes both the iOS and Android versions of Dragalia Lost. The game has been downloaded over 800,000 times according to Sensor Tower. While no small feat, these numbers pale in comparison to some of Nintendo’s other mobile offerings.

According to Sensor Tower’s data, Dragalia Lost revenue was around $1.6 million behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for the United States and Japan. US and Japan earnings for Super Mario Run was around $8.3 million for the first five days.

The standout for Nintendo was Fire Emblem Heroes which grossed around $13 million in the Japan and US during its first five days available. Dragalia Lost did not peak any iOS App Store charts in Japan or the United States. On Android it fared better in the charts, although it didn’t reach the top spot there either.

Sensor Tower's data on Dragalia Lost revenue.

One problem for Dragalia Lost may be that it is a new IP from Nintendo and Cygames. Nintendo’s other mobile titles have been releases in long-running franchises, and were marketed as such. It may also be a case of genre barriers, as Dragalia Lost plays similarly to Diablo or Torchlight. The presentation may also be a limiting factor for Dragalia Lost as the anime-inspired aesthetic could be off-putting to fans of the genre.

Cygames is the developer behind Granblue Fantasy a Japan-only mobile RPG. Granblue Fantasy has been a massive success for Cygames — it has been referred to as a Final Fantasy game in all but name. Nintendo bought a 5 percent share in Cygames earlier this year before announcing Dragalia Lost.