Official God of War Bug Compilation Shows Kratos Dancing, Flying, and Swapping Bodies

Games are hard to make especially when more and more people get involved. Naturally, those hiccups manifest as nasty glitches. Great games are no exception and Sony has just released a God of War bug compilation of odd mishaps that plagued the title during its development. Watch Atreus kill the mood with his poor reactions and Kratos show off a lot more than his funky dance movies. However, be aware that the video contains heavy spoilers.

While Sony made sure to slap a “Pre-Release Image: Does not represent final product” on the video, it is unusual for a publisher this big to release this kind of material. Glitches are not the most front-facing types of marketing since they show off the game in a visually alarming state.

The general public isn’t quite used to seeing games in an unfinished form and is typically the reason most E3 demos are so restricted. If it goes wrong, it can potentially taint a game’s reputation even though all games go through rough patches we don’t normally see. Sony has even gone through this before with Uncharted 4‘s E3 2015 demo but Naughty Dog put a humorous trophy in the game to poke fun at itself. The game sold over 8.7 million copies and was a critical and financial success despite whatever negative reactions that publicly shown glitch may have gotten.

Similarly, God of War‘s glowing reception was likely why Sony decided to release this video in the first place. It was the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive, sold over 5 million copies in one month, outsold every other game in the franchise in the U.K., helped Sony achieve a record-breaking month in April, was the most downloaded game on PSN in its launch month, even had a strong second month of sales. Spider-Man PS4 did beat some of those record (including the fastest-selling game this year) but that is still a lengthy amount of accomplishments. And those accomplishments convinced Sony to give us this odd, but welcome, God of War bug compilation.