Daredevil Prison Fight Scene Made In “Less Than A Week”

The Daredevil Prison fight scene was conceptualized, rehearsed, and filmed in under a week according to Daredevil stunt double Chris Brewster. Mentioned during a recent Daredevil Reddit AMA, the stunt double, who fills in for lead star Charlie Cox himself during heavier action scenes, states that the Marvel/Netflix shows run on a “very fast schedule.”

If you’ve paid any attention to Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix, you’ve likely heard something about the Daredevil prison fight scene that takes place in one of the season’s earlier episodes. Brought up continuously during other Q&A sessions like Comic-Con panels as of late, it’s a scene that rivals the show’s own famous corridor fight season from Season 1 in terms of flow. But although it’s now common knowledge that the new scene is one long take with purposefully baked-in cut moments removed in post to accentuate the fact, stunt double Chris Brewster (Daredevil) confirmed the timeline of events that made the scene possible in the first place. “Ultimately, the core fight team had one day to brainstorm,” said Chris, “one day to rehearse with the main fighters”, and “a few hours to rehearse with Jeff”, the show’s steadicam operator. “Every other department” watched the rehearsals to quickly figure out how to pull the final scene together in as little time as possible.

Replying to another question to explain how often Charlie Cox helps inject his character’s mannerisms into a scene heavily handled by Chris, it was confirmed that Charlie picked up the entire Daredevil Prison fight scene choreography in “less than a few hours”

And for those who might want to get into the stunt double profession after seeing Chris fill in for even Chris Evans as Captain America, he’s been practicing martial arts since the age of four and trains “every day of the week.”