Two Point Hospital Sandbox Freeplay Mode Announced

A Two Point Hospital sandbox freeplay mode is set to be released next week. The new mode will be debuted at TwitchCon in California this weekend before its official launch in the week, commencing October 29.

The reveal was made via an official video on the Two Point Hospital Youtube channel on Friday. The “Sandbox: Freeplay mode” will allow players to set up their own hospitals using everything present in the game. Two Point Hospital players will have the opportunity to set unlimited cash, kudosh, different player challenges, and much more.

The mode has been implemented to let the community make hospitals for their fellow players, and challenge them to complete them. The “Sandbox: Freeplay mode” can be unlocked in Two Point Hospital after players unlock their third hospital in campaign mode.

Meanwhile, a Halloween themed update for Two Point Hospital is available to download right now. Called the “Spoooooky Update”, the temporary patch brings a host of new illnesses and changes to the management sim title. Players will need to be on the lookout for “Frightheadedness” – a disease that replaces a person’s head with a Jack-o-Lantern – and the friendly radio tunes in the game have been replaced by a spookier soundtrack. Other things are present in the Two Point Hospital Spoooooky Update too, but players will have to find them out for themselves.

In addition to this, developer Two Point Studios has also dropped a couple of extra features that players have routinely requested. “Copy Paste rooms” will make their debut in the update, which allows players to replicate their favourite rooms throughout their hospital. Staff and patient customisation is also now a feature in the game, with players having the opportunity to change their clothes, names, and more. Two Point Hospital is available to buy now on PC, Mac, and Linux.