The PUBG Mobile Halloween Update Brings Big Scares to the Small Screen

PUBG MOBILE is the official way to take PUBG on the go, and the free-to-play battle royale sensation has brought a ton of new content to the game in the latest update. PUBG MOBILE brings the same 100 player experience to Android and iOS that millions of players around the world have enjoyed on PC. Optimized for the small screen, this experience has players scavenging weapons, vehicles, and supplies in a quest to become the last person standing.

The PUBG MOBILE Halloweek update brings the game up to version 0.9.0 and includes both permanent gameplay additions and a spooky limited-time Halloween-themed event. Frights abound with this massive content injection, and there’s never been a better time to join the legions of fans battling to be #1.

In the Halloweek event, it’s lights out on Erangel with the introduction of nighttime on the map. When you spawn into the game, there’s a chance that it’ll be dark, which adds a whole new set of tactical challenges for players. Instead of rushing to find the best gun, you’ll likely be trying to spot the new Night Vision Goggles, which will give users a definite advantage in the dead of night.

Of course, the nighttime map just sets the stage for a plethora of Halloween-themed additions to PUBG MOBILE. This will become immediately apparent as you load into Spawn Island and see it decorated for the festivities. Pumpkins and candy abound, and you can pick them up for interactions with other players.

Halloween doesn’t stop at Spawn Island, though. With the new limited time, Hellfire – AKM any foes you defeat will turn into scarecrows. Grenades have become temporarily possessed as well, as you’ll see from the spooky face that appears when they explode.

To celebrate the Halloweek update, PUBG MOBILE brand ambassadors took to Times Square in New York on October 28 to showcase a replica of the in-game car and a massive PUBG MOBILE crate. Inside the crate was a treat for the public, and tons of mini-crates of candy were handed out for free. Tons of fans also lined up to take pictures in front of the crate and share their Halloween spirit.

Node Studios showed their Halloweek spirit as well with a recreation of the Erangel Night Mode experience. A live-action PUBG MOBILE-themed airsoft game showed off what a game of battle royale might look like in real life, and highlighted some of the new features you can try out in the 0.9.0 update.

PUBG MOBILE receives constant updates, and the Halloweek 0.9.0 patch is one of the biggest to date. You can check out the full patch notes here and jump into the game immediately for free on Android and iOS.