PUBG Halloween Event Teased Via Trailer

PUBG Halloween event has been teased by the developers via a short video. There is currently no news regarding what the full extent of this celebration of the holiday will be. In addition to this, the video only says that the event will be coming soon and no specific date for it has been specified.

The trailer for the PUBG Halloween event is very short and depicts, at the very least, new skins. In the trailer, a nurse, clown, some kind of butcher, and The Purge esque costumes can be seen. Additionally, the trailer ends with a generic player character being chased by masked assailants, as a door closes on them. Furthermore, some of the costumed characters look to be hiding from or hunting the player.

This all suggests some kind of new mode for the event. The trailer also looks to be set within one of the military buildings in Erangel. This could suggest where this mode or event could be taking place. The description for the Youtube video simply reads “No Treats. All Trick.” You can watch the teaser below.

Another hint towards the Halloween event’s location is a recent update to PUBG Mobile. The smart device port of the game will soon add a night cycle to the Erangel map, which adds further evidence to where this event could take place.

The portable version of the game is also getting into the festive spirit. The Spawn Island area now has pumpkins and candies dotted around it. As another ghoulish treat, various changes have been made to the weapons in the game to reflect the holiday. Enemies killed by the AKM weapon turn into scarecrows and according to the patch notes a “spooky face” will appear when a grenade explodes. This will be the very first-time PUBG is celebrating Halloween, so we can expect squeamish scares aplenty.