PUBG Mobile Finally Made More Money Than Fortnite Mobile

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday finally wrapping up, it looks like PUBG Mobile managed to carve out a small victory for itself. Last week saw an increase in player spending of over twice the average for the game. That jump translates to PUBG Mobile making more than several million more than its usual amount, from $4.5 million to an estimated $12 million in a single week.

The jump in activity for the battle royale mobile game was 43% higher than its rival, Fortnite Mobile. The figures come from Sensor Tower, who notes that November 21 and 22 saw PUBG Mobile actually make more money than Fortnite on mobile. Those numbers seem to be solely for iOS versions of the mobile game, though it’s still the first time that Tencent’s game has managed to outperform Fortnite Mobile since April. According to the figures for last week on a day by day basis, PUBG Mobile managed to make an estimated $1.7 million each day, compared to Fortnite Mobile‘s $1.4 million a day.

It is a small victory for PUBG Mobile in a year that’s seen Epic Games’ Fortnite Mobile go from strength to strength. And the recent update to the mobile game now allows some iPhone players to play in 60fps.

And while the spike in activity for PUBG Mobile may be down to the deals on cosmetics and other items during Black Friday, the recent introduction of PUBG to the Xbox Game Pass may have had some effect on players as well. Similarly, the news that the PUBG will be coming to the PS4 next week may have seen some players trying out the mobile version before picking it up for PlayStation. Whether or not this activity is an anomaly or the first signs of the tides shifting back towards PUBG in the battle for battle royales remains to be seen.