Players Have Found the Fallout 76 Mothman, and He Seems Like a Cool Dude

Wasteland adventurers have stumbled upon the Fallout 76 Mothman but he doesn’t seem interested in killing them so much as he does hanging out. Despite his monstrous appearance, this product of nuclear war just wants to be friends and have a good time.

Redditor RikkuSuave and friends met the creature out on their wasteland journey and took some great shots but not with their guns. These photos display Mothman in all his monstrous glory. His red glowing eyes and shining vascular wings are fully on display but what we can’t see is this creature’s clearly tender heart.

Players Have Found Mothman in Fallout 76 , And He Seems Like A Cool Dude

Credit: Reddit User RikkuSuave

It seems Mothman has no interest in fighting and instead followed the group for a while and then wandered off. When approaching him again he once again followed peacefully, bringing up the rear of their party.

Unfortunately, this beautifully sad piece of monster storytelling where the horrific creature simply wants to be friends is likely unintentional. Mothman still presents with a red status bar so it seems as though this is probably just a glitch in the AI.

It wouldn’t be the only creature in the wasteland that doesn’t appear to be acting quite right. Other monsters are also reportedly choosing not to defend themselves in combat. That being said, there are reports of special creatures that may present players with buffs for not attacking. One such creature is a rumored wise Mothman who has purple eyes instead of red.

Either way, Fallout 76 is still in beta and this wouldn’t be the only thing that needs fixing with potential major exploits in the PC multiplayer. Hopefully, we’ll get to see everybody’s favorite chill dude Mothman stick around for a little longer while more pressing issues are sorted.

It may give some players pause to think before they shoot while exploring the wilderness. You never know what new and interesting bug—be it creature or code—that you could find out there when Fallout 76 releases in full on November 14.