Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion Map Reportedly Leaked Ahead of Schedule

The Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion map has reportedly been leaked ahead of schedule. The Morocco-based map, which is the next one to be released by Ubisoft for its multiplayer title, had its trailer uploaded to the internet on Friday earlier than anticipated.

The leak came courtesy of a Reddit thread that was started by user velocitycontrol. The Redditor claims that the leaked rundown of the map came from Ubisoft Thailand. The footage in question shows how the area will look inside of the game.

Set in what looks like a luxurious, oasis-esque mansion house, which sits atop of a hill, the Wind Bastion map looks stunning. The leaked video gives a good idea of the various methods that players can use to attack or defend objectives. The open areas seem fit for combat too, should you run into anyone brave enough to vacate the safety of their group or defensive position.

The leak comes only two days after Ubisoft announced the first details on the general rundown of its next expansion—Operation Wind Bastion—and when we would get another look at it. The update will begin Year 3, Season 4 of Rainbow Six: Siege, and add two new Operators to the game’s roster. Those new options will be an attacker and a defender from Kingdom of Morocco’s GIGR group, according to a Ubisoft blog post. Another map in the expansion is also set to be unveiled soon but details are still sparse on said area. The full Operation Wind Bastion reveal will happen during the Pro League Finals on November 17 and 18.

Rainbow Six Siege has undergone a number of changes since its release in December 2015. Ubisoft has continually provided updates for the online tactical shooter, and has seen its userbase grow steadily over the past three years. Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.