Fortnite NFL Skins Have Players Focusing on the Most Controversial Aspects of the Sport

Everybody likes to have fun in Fortnite. Lighthearted action and colorful adventures are plentiful in Epic Games’ massively popular title. But of course, the minute something becomes just a little too fun, people have to go in and ruin it for everyone else. The Fortnite NFL skins are proof of that, as they allowing people to recreate some of the sport’s most controversial figures.

This dates back to last week, when developer Epic Games teamed up with the NFL to release items that give players the ability to use NFL skins. Players can customize up to eight outfits that represent their favorite professional football teams. As with any situation, players immediately started to have their own mean-spirited fun, including making an OJ Simpson skin. Check out this post, for example:

Of course, all of this is pretty tasteless, but it’s also what people do when given an opportunity such as this arises. Here’s another example—Aaron Hernandez, accused of murder before committing suicide in jail, has also been seen in the game.

Who loves dogs? Fortnite enthusiasts love the new pets that have been added to the game. So naturally, Michael Vick also has to be faithfully represented here. He pleaded guilty back in 2007 for his involvement in a dog fighting ring, serving 21 months in prison.

Some are just straight up a tacky and rude. Here’s a Jason Pierre-Paul skin holding what appears to be a sparkler. Paul had to have his right index finger amputated after a fireworks accident back in 2015.

Name a more iconic duo – JPP & Fireworks from r/FortNiteBR

And finally, we have a Colin Kaepernick skin (seen here kneeling in protest of police brutality) since that is very much a thing people have been talking about in the news recently.