A Soulja Boy Console Is Coming, Apparently

While we’ve certainly seen our fair share of oddball consoles over the years, the announcement of a Soulja Boy console by the titular rapper and entrepreneur was an unexpected (and baffling) surprise. The announcement was made while Soulja Boy was in the middle of a Fortnite stream.

Soulja Boy is a Chicago-born rapper who exploded into popularity with his 2007 single Crank That (Soulja Boy). The rapper’s songs were well-known for their catchy beat and the creative dances that were employed in music videos and live performances. His more immediate follow-up albums were unable to match the same level of success. For example, a later album debuted at the 90th spot on the Billboard charts.

Like many hip-hop artists, Soulja Boy became an entrepreneur and transitioned into a number of other endeavors. His passion for gaming has unexpectedly manifested in the announcement of a Soulja Boy console, proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The announcement was made in the midst of one of his Fortnite livestreams and later confirmed in a post on his Instagram account. The video itself was posted on Twitter by B/R Gaming.

Despite the video and Instragram post, a number of questions remain about the Soulja Boy console. Is it going to be running some kind of proprietary OS or will it simply be a Windows or Linux-based PC? What kind of games can we expect to see on the platform? What does the controller look like? How the heck did this idea even come to fruition? And perhaps the biggest one of all: why?

The Soulja Boy console will be handed out to some of the rapper’s friends and a few lucky fans who comment on his Instagram post. It’s likely that we’ll find out more substantive details about the device around that time. It certainly makes for a strange bit of news and I’m plenty skeptical about the console’s prospects. I guess time will tell for how well this system performs!