Black Ops 4 Night Maps Found in Latest Update

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is still dominating the shooter world, and it continues to sell amazingly well. Like all good online shooters it stays popular with a steady stream of new downloadable content, and it seems like developer Treyarch are keeping to this. Nuketown was released earlier this month, and the game continues to get steady patches with new add-ons. Now dataminers, going through the latest PC patch for the game, have discovered what seem to be Black Ops 4 Night Maps.

Images of these Black Ops 4 night maps were first leaked by user Joshwoocool on Reddit. The images seem to show new night-time versions of currently available maps from the game. “Firing Range Night” is a night version of the Firing Range map from Black Ops 4, set on a Guantanamo Bay military base, which is a “Black Ops Flashback” map for Team Deathmatch. “Seaside Sunset,” on the other hand, is a rather nice evening-set version of the current “Seaside” Team Deathmatch map, set in a quaint Spanish seaside town.

Various screenshots of the maps were provided too. They appear to be only in testing, as they’re not yet playable, and dataminers only discovered the files in-development in the latest update for Black Ops 4‘s PC version. As pointed out by Call of Duty fansite CharlieIntel, which spotted the Reddit leaks, there is precedent for this. With Black Ops 3 Treyarch released “themed” alternate versions of maps for free for various events. These Black Ops 4 night maps may be specifically for an event, possibly even Christmas.

It’s not the only thing that was leaked either, as a sequel to Black Ops 1‘s secret “Dead Ops Arcade” retro mini-game seems to be in the works too. Dead Ops II: Cyber’s Avengening had a title card and screen frame leaked, so the game may be coming later. Whether all this will be free or not is another matter entirely…