Darksiders 3 PS4 File Size Revealed

The Darksiders 3 PS4 file size has been revealed. Players anxious to play THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games’ latest adventure in the annals of the Riders of the Apocalypse might have to free up a bit of space on their PlayStation 4. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like it will take up too much space.

Modern games often take up a good chunk of space on our poor little hard drives. Several recently-released titles have had particularly large on-disk sizes for gamers to contend with. The Fallout 76 day one patch was 50 gigs, nearly doubling the on-disk space needed for the game. Black Ops 4 had a similarly hefty day one patch, and Red Dead Redemption 2 needed to claim over a hundred gigs on your PS4’s hard disk. Thankfully, it seems the Darksiders 3 PS4 file size is a little more manageable than these other examples.

Gamers will need a minimum of 20 GB of free space on their hard drive to accommodate the Darksiders 3 PS4 File Size. The game’s PlayStation Store page lists a “20 GB minimum save size” on the description for the title but, when installed, the game takes up just shy of 40 GB of storage space.

A size of 20-40GB is reasonable enough for the Darksiders 3 PS4 file size, especially when the game looks so gosh darn pretty. However, that might not be the end of it.

A number of players who got the game early (as well as reviewers, of course) have reported several issues with the game’s performance on both PCs and console. A hotfix for the game is reportedly on the way and that will likely eat up some more of your disk, though there may be a wait – Gunfire Games is currently sorting out some issues with a recent patch. Make sure to leave a little more room for upcoming fixes.

[via Game Idealist]