Minecraft Story Mode Netflix Edition Now Playable

Telltale Games may be going through some troubles but it is still releasing its games on new platforms. And it’s likely a platform you were not expecting. The Minecraft Story Mode Netflix version is now playable on the streaming service. Players can jump right in right now and play the first three episodes of Telltale’s successful game.

It is playable on a few different platforms including PC and PS4. However, it does not currently work on phones. Mobile users are met with an error code and it is not clear if or when Netflix will let phone users to play the game. There is also a red banner with a game controller on its thumbnail, signalling that it is a video game.

Minecraft Story Mode has two seasons and 13 total episodes. The “final two episodes” are coming on December 5 since only the first three are currently playable. These “final two episodes” may just be referring to the last three episodes of the first season since they were post-release DLC as opposed to episodes planned to be part of the initial season.

minecraft story mode netflix

The episodes are playable just like any Telltale game. An option comes up on the screen and you click to the option you would like to choose. The controller, at least on PS4, rumbles when a choice comes on the screen, notifying players that the game needs a response. However, the video quality often takes a bit of a hit when you make a choice as the game streams your option to you. You also can’t fast forward through the cutscenes but you can pause it.

Telltale had responded to a leak stating that a Minecraft Story Mode Netflix version was coming back in June 2018. However, it was later reported by YouTuber SuperBunnyHop that Netflix had fined Telltale for the leak. Netflix also fined the studio for the Stranger Things game leak; a game Telltale is no longer making. Footage from that game also leaked after the studio imploded.