CEO Aims to Increase Ubisoft Canada Player Count Tenfold by 2025

Ubisoft Canada player count goals are ambitious according to the company’s CEO Yannis Mallat, as he aims to increase them by tenfold in the next seven years. Millions of players find enjoyment in Ubisoft games every day. Over one hundred thousand people play Rainbow Six Siege on Steam alone. It is one of many games that add up to nearly 20 million people who play the company’s games each month on average. These are pretty solid numbers, but Mr. Mallat clearly wants to do better, with the Ubisoft Canada player count goals aiming high at 200 million monthly players by 2025.

While PC and console numbers are certainly respectable, Mr. Mallat thinks that one of the biggest opportunities for increasing the Ubisoft Canada player count lies in mobile. “A lot of non-gamers have been converted to gaming thanks to Candy Crush [Saga] and stuff like that,” he said. Mobile is certainly doing well, but we’ve all seen our fair share of games rise and decline on the platform. Something like Candy Crush Saga is more of an anomaly than anything else.

What is evident is the transition of games from a one-time purchase to a service. Many larger titles are shifting towards constant content updates to keep players involved for long periods of time. The downside is that many (if not most) titles fitting this model will have additional development costs beyond the launch price. The upside is that more and more games are implementing microtransactions and that can often offset these costs and put a little extra money in the bank.

Aside from ventures into mobile and a shift to games as a service, the Ubisoft Canada player count goals will likely depend on one particular region of the world: China. The company has formed a partnership with League of Legends publisher Tencent in an effort to navigate the numerous regulatory hurdles and unique challenges that they’ll face in that market.

This three-pronged approach to increase the Ubisoft Canada player count is certainly admirable, but Mr. Mallat doesn’t seem to be focusing too heavily on any one area. Ultimately, his plans are broad and are spread out in a variety of different avenues. Ubisoft Canada plans to get 200 million people playing every month in seven years, and it seems like they might be on the right track to get it done.

[via Montreal Gazette/ Image Source: Ubisoft