Report: Fallout 76 Code Is a Near Replica of Skyrim and Fallout 4

What are reportedly four screenshots of Fallout 76 code suggest that Bethesda pretty much lifted the exact code from their other titles Skyrim and Fallout 4. The chunks of code refer to different parts of both Fallout 4 and Skyrim, with enemy and texture popping up and even references to a cheat engine. It’s unknown if there are any other references to Bethesda games lurking in Fallout 76‘s code at the moment.

The screenshots were uploaded by Twitter user @jhyjbj, with references to Fallout 4‘s downloaded content check. Reusing code for a game series is most likely very common, though, rather surprisingly, Leites also found references to the code that makes up some parts of the dragons in Skyrim. There are references to the dragon landing sequences, dragon landing markers, and even the soul extraction animation from Skyrim. The code has been repurposed for many of the animations of the Scorchbeast monsters in Fallout 76, so don’t go getting excited about dragons popping up in Fallout just yet! The recycled files and animations do explain why the monsters in Fallout 76 shares so many qualities with Skyrim‘s dragons.

There are also references to a cheat engine in Leites’ screenshots. The engine is most likely a remnant of the game’s development phase, which possibly helped devs and testers get through the game a little quicker. But the engine remaining in the game does suggest that some players will still be able to exploit some of those cheats. Though, most references to cheats in the game have been refined to experience points and caps at the moment.

This news is far from controversial, however, when you consider the other issues surrounding Fallout 76 since its launch. It’s been a mixture of wrong moves and radio silence from the Fallout creators that has led to the publishers backtracking on a promise to refund a player. And there’s even been reports of a lawsuit being put together against Bethesda for deceptive trade.