Player Discovers Red Dead Redemption 2 Naked Glitch

A player has diligently done their duty and discovered a Red Dead Redemption 2 naked glitch which allows you to finally see Arthur in his birthday suit. This glitch isn’t exactly easy to pull off and due to some design decisions from Rockstar may not be worth the effort depending on what exactly you’re after in a naked cowboy.

Note: This article contains some NSFW content and cowboy butts. Also, the video detailing how to complete this glitch contains late game spoilers and is also, just a bit weird.

Reddit user S10Px is the person we can all thank for their hard work in getting Arthur Morgan naked, and it’ll only cost you 25 cents, a Molotov, all your items, and a lot of innocent lives.

They provide a full explanation on how to achieve the Red Dead Redemption 2 naked glitch complete with video. However, they also warn that before you even attempt this you should absolutely back up your saves and turn off auto-save so as not to corrupt your game forever.

First of all, you’ll need to head to Van Horn with some Molotovs and make your way to the hotel. Arrange for a bath by interacting with the poster but before heading upstairs you need to kill everyone in the town – an arguably small price to see some cowboy buns.

Once you’re done with the massacre, head up the outside stairs towards the bathroom but make sure not to trigger the cutscene. This gets tricky as you’ll need to wall glitch and your best bet is to follow the video to get it exactly right. Essentially you need to switch to first person and climb up over the railing to the right to glitch through the wall.

This should land in you in the bathroom, with a bath ready and waiting for you. Throw your Molotov at the bath and immediately turn back around and go out the door to trigger the cutscene that may never leave your brain.

Player Discovers Red Dead Redemption 2 Naked Glitch

As you watch Arthur die in his hellishly relaxing bath, take stock that it is for a good cause and your reward will come soon. Make sure not to touch any controls that could have you exit the bath at this point either. You are the final blood sacrifice in this Red Dead Redemption 2 naked glitch ritual.

Upon respawn, you’ll find your cowboy as naked as the day he was sculpted. Rockstar didn’t originally include nudity in the game so he lacks some of the equipment you might expect to find.

He also spawns without all of his items, because you know, where would he keep them? He still has his money but we don’t want to ask too many questions about that. Unfortunately, your horse will also not have any of your items. Perhaps through some weird sort of solidarity pact.

If you want to be able to save your game after using this Red Dead Redemption 2 naked glitch there are a few extra steps as for some reason you can’t access the pause menu after this glitch.

Player Discovers Red Dead Redemption 2 Naked Glitch 2

The tutorial recommends grabbing a most unfortunate horse and heading north along the coast to Annesburg. Here you want to get in a little trouble with the law, so punch people a few times and then turn yourself in.

After your little spell in jail, you should be able to save your game but make sure to keep it separate from your other save file to avoid corrupting it. Apparently, you can do missions and all sorts while in the buff but you’ll have to start from scratch with your items.

Another reported benefit of this glitch is you can also have no legs. To do this purchase some shoes at the tailor. This will make your legs invisible, obviously. Maybe this is what happened to Rayman?

The only other method we know of so far to get your cowboy naked requires the use of Save Wizard software and a nudity mod. It’s probably easier and requires less bloodshed than this Red Dead Redemption 2 naked glitch but at least this way all players can see some cowboy ass for free.

If you can’t be bothered dealing with all of this then maybe check out the new Red Dead Online which just launched. Though it isn’t really that different as it still may take you a full day to earn a gold bar and your save might still get lost after the Beta.

[Image Credit: S10Px/Reddit]