PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Crossover Teased by Capcom

Tencent seems to have something in the works that’ll see PUBG Mobile players getting a dose of Resident Evil 2 in their battle royale. The news comes via a tweet sent out from Capcom Japan though we’re not sure when this collaboration will make its way into the world. And while a similar crossover to the PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 event may come to console and PC players at a later date, it seems the crossover is limited to only mobile players for the time being.

Details on the PUBG and Resident Evil 2 crossover are pretty light at the moment. In fact, all the tweet from Capcom Japan says is that “PUBG MOBILE x Resident Evil RE:2 collaboration is decided!” See? It’s not exactly a detailed announcement. But the video that accompanies Capcom’s tweet suggests that PUBG could see Racoon City making its way into the battle royale game as a map. Or perhaps we’ll see some S.T.A.R.S characters become available as characters in PUBG Mobile, similar to the Joker and Harley Quinn skins we saw not too long ago.

It’s a move that’s drawn a fair few mixed emotions with players accusing the crossover as being PUBG and Capcom of cashing in on the Resi Remake. While others were just left a bit confused as to how the crossover would work. It looks like we’ll be in the dark about just what this collaboration will have in store for players until both PUBG and Capcom are ready to reveal more.

Even without a possible imminent announcement, it’s been an exciting time for PUBG recent, with the mobile game recently generating more revenue than Fortnite Mobile for the first time since April this year. And with an intriguing crossover in the pipeline, it could be that PUBG manages to close the gap on Fortnite Mobile even more over the coming weeks and months.

Neither Capcom or Tencent has given any information for when the crossover would be playable or whether players would see the same treatment for console and PC versions of the game.