Resident Evil 2 Won’t Take Up Much Space

Details on the Microsoft Store suggest that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 file size will be a little over 20 GB. The game is set to arrive on console and PC in early 2019, though we aren’t sure if the file size will be the same for the PS4. It’s a size that pales in comparison to titles we’ve seen released recently and ought to be a nice surprise for most of you.

That’s right – 20GB. That’s the reported file size of Capcom’s remake of fan favourite Resident Evil 2. The size means that the Resident Evil 2 remake will take up less space on your Xbox One than World of Tanks, which demands a fairly average 37.8 GB, and 2016’s Killer Instinct which carved out just over 43 GB of space, not to mention the recent 105 GB that Red Dead Redemption 2 robbed from you after its release in October. This is just the initial file size, and day one patches are more than likely for the game. But it’s still a dose of good news that means not too many of you will have to play Sophie’s Choice with your games library when the remake arrives.

And considering the level of detail we’ve seen from the footage Capcom has released so far, the file size is a surprising one. With a Raccoon Police Station that’s been totally revamped, zombie staggering around with the blood-stained mouth glistening in a terrifyingly awesome way, a few hints of lickers and more in early gameplay footage, and let’s not forget the all-new baby-faced Leon Kennedy, the Resident Evil 2 remake looks like it’ll be continuing on from where Resident Evil 7 left off in 2017.

And this isn’t the only news we’ve had for the Resident Evil 2 remake recently. Because both Capcom and PUBG Mobile developers, Tencent, have teased an upcoming crossover event between the two titles. What that is or when we’ll we see it released isn’t yet known, though it seems to be an exclusive crossover for mobile players from what we’ve seen.