Rumor: First Details of Respawn’s Jedi Fallen Order Have Been Leaked

Possible details from a Jedi Fallen Order leak have surfaced after a Reddit user attended a Disney meeting regarding the Star Wars schedule for 2019. The game is being developed by Titanfall creators Respawn, and apparently it’s close to being finished. As with any rumor, the details are subject to change – so don’t take it as gospel!

The details were brought to light by Reddit user Xyzsvtabc (catchy name) who starts by explaining that a lot of the information is based on memory. He then goes on to give some details about the upcoming Star Wars theme park before addressing some details about Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars title Jedi Fallen Order.

The game is reportedly aiming for a November release and be set five years after the events of Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith. The game is rumored to follow the journey of Cal, a young Padawan who managed to survive Skywalker’s murder spree in Revenge of the Sith. The user wasn’t able to recount anything else regarding Cal within the game’s story.

The leak suggests that the game will see a handful of characters from the Star Wars comic series make an appearance. The user says that in the meeting those present “mentioned the 9th sister and 2nd sister? Something about Inquisitors?” Other than that, the Redditor claimed that “a ton of artwork” was from the game was also shown, but he understandably wasn’t able to provide images.

The rumor came about after the user was present at a Star Wars marketing presentation that covered the different projects the franchise would see in 2019. We can’t be sure whether the author is legitimate or not, especially after saying that “I’m just some anonymous person on the internet,” but it seems that the majority of replies are tentatively accepting the leaks as genuine. We’ll have to wait and see if the details surrounding this Jedi Fallen Order leak are the real deal or not.