New Far Cry Game to Be Revealed at The Game Awards

After all the leaks and rumors, Ubisoft has decided to get ahead of all that and confirm the announcement it is bringing to The Game Awards this year. It revealed that a new Far Cry game is coming, but a release date, setting, and title were not confirmed.

The teaser trailer describes the aftermath of some explosion and rebuilding after years of rain and winds. However, events did not pick up as they were, as we seen a saw blade being loaded into an makeshift disc launcher. This setup is reminiscent of Fallout, given the subject matter and likely post-apocalyptic setting. (There will be spoilers for Far Cry 5 in the next paragraph.)

While not confirmed, this looks to take place directly after Far Cry 5. One of the game’s three finales notoriously ends on a dour note as the main antagonist detonates a nuclear explosion. This has a decent chance of being the same explosion in the trailer, given that the greenery and farmlands around it look similar to the Montana setting in Far Cry 5.

If that is the case, this game has a decent chance of being a smaller scale Far Cry or at least one that doesn’t have a number attached to it. Since it does look like it is attached to Far Cry 5 in some capacity, Ubisoft could be going down the Far Cry Primal route and making an odd, tonally different spin-off or a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon type of experience that piggybacks off a numbered title. Far Cry 5 is still one of the year’s best-selling games and the fastest-selling one in the series too, doubling the first-week sales of Far Cry 4 and meaning a spin-off in some capacity is likely.

Its Fallout influences run high judging by the trailer and could mean that this could be a survival type of game with a heavier focus on makeshift weaponry and just getting by. We will find out on December 6 at 5:30 p.m. PT at The Game Awards either way.

This is one of the few new games that has been confirmed for the show. The Alien Isolation sequel, Crash Team Racing remaster, Metroid Prime Switch port, and Dragon Age 4 reveal have all been rumored but not been confirmed.