Players Petition Bungie to Add Glitching Boss in Destiny 2 as RNG Spawn

A glitch during the Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2 was causing the boss to appear three times larger than intended. Though the issue was fixed before many even saw the bug, footage of the boss in action has intrigued many. As such, players have petitioned Bungie in the hopes of re-adding the biggest boy.

Destiny 2 fans took to Reddit where user KWBC24 asked Bungie to bring the oversized Protheon, the Modular Mind back so players could have a chance to test their mettle against this absolute unit. This request was added with the caveat that it doesn’t break the strike itself.

Despite the fact that many players did not experience the glitch, it became common knowledge when appearing in the Destiny 2 patch notes. At this point, players wanted to see this Bro-theon for themselves and Bungie obliged, posting a video on its official Twitter.

For those who aren’t familiar with Destiny 2, this iteration of the boss is three-times larger than usual.

Despite the petition that managed to get tons of traction on the site, a comment on the thread from a Bungie employee makes it seem pretty unlikely that this bug will return.

“Sadly, this is the case.” it reads, responding to the game-breaking nature of the bug. “It was a beautiful sight to behold, but issues arose in each tier of the encounter that prompted the fix.”

It seems many are still hopeful that a colossal boss like this might make a comeback, especially after this fan feedback. Some suggest adding something similar as an April Fool’s joke or even just including a massive boss in a future raid for players to attempt to take down. Others seem particularly sold on the idea of including it as an RNG feature.