Epic Games Store Exclusive Satisfactory Pulled From Steam By Developer

The Epic Games Store exclusive game Satisfactory has had its Steam page removed by the developer in favor of the Fortnite developer’s brand-new digital distribution service.

Satisfactory is an upcoming game from Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of Sanctum and Goat Simulator. It previously had been listed on the Steam Store as “Coming Soon” and was expected to be released on that platform in the future. However, the developers removed the game from the Steam Store two days ago with no explanation as shown by its entry in Steam DB.

A tweet from the game’s official account linked a YouTube video where Coffee Stain’s community manager Jace Varlet explained the situation. In the YouTube video, Coffee Stain Studios’ community manager confirms that the removal of Satisfactory from the Steam store was deliberate. “Our Steam Store page is gone,” Mr. Varlet said. “Yeah, we removed it. Satisfactory is now gonna be on Epic Games Store as an exclusive title. So that’s the only place you’ll be able to get it.” Mr. Varlet had wanted to communicate this change earlier but he insinuates that he was unable to do so.

Satisfactory is not the only game that will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. The upcoming space combat game Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will also be an Epic Games Store exclusive, although that game’s official Twitter account indicates that it may be coming to Steam at a later date. Some other upcoming games on the Epic Games Store like Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds and Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater still have active Steam Store pages.

Both Satisfactory and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw are part of a list of games coming to the storefront were included as during The Game Awards last night. As for why these games are going to be Epic Games Store exclusive titles, it probably has something to do with keeping 88 percent of the revenue they generate and not being charged any licensing fees if they use the Unreal Engine.