The Smash Ultimate Release Led to School Shooting Rumors

A student’s scribbles found on a whiteboard inadvertently led to a school’s class being canceled. The message was misinterpreted a threat that would lead to a school shooting but was actually referring to the Smash Ultimate release date, which arrived today on the Switch. Rumors about the message persisted until the school’s superintendent wrote home to parents explaining the mistake.

A Reddit post showing a letter sent home from a school has left pretty much everyone in a good mood after reading it. The message explains that a note left on a whiteboard by a student was found that read, “Dec. 7. Time to” followed by a symbol. The symbol was mistaken for a gun and led some students to believe that a school shooting was going to take place.

Thankfully, the symbol was actually taken from the Super Smash Bros series and was referring to the Smash Ultimate release on the Switch. In the letter, an unidentified superintendent wrote that the original rumor and off-shoots from it were “thoroughly investigated and traced back to the original statement about the video game release date.”

Much of the discussion surrounding the letter has been concerned with figuring out if it’s real or fake. And while we may never know the truth, many believe that the letter being authentic would be more entertaining than admitting it’s fake.

The lead up to the latest installment of the Smash series has had a lot of fans getting excited. With one fan going so far as to fully recreate a user manual for the game, complete with move lists, character information, and information about skills.

Smash released today on the Switch, offering the biggest roster of fighters in the series. Alongside the likes of new fighter Travis Touchdown, Cloud, and classics like Mario or Link, Joker from Persona 5 is also joining the fray. Remember when Smash games used have Nintendo-only characters? That was cool.