Monster Hunter World Announcement Teased by Producer, Coming Soon

Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto teased an upcoming announcement for the game last night at The Game Awards 2018. The game won Best Role-Playing Game at the show, leading to Tsujimoto hinting that more Monster Hunter World details would come soon.

Capcom‘s excellent console entry in the Monster Hunter franchise was received well when it came out earlier this year. The title has sold over 10 million copies, becoming Capcom’s best-selling game ever. Upon winning the award, Capcom’s Tsujimoto took the stage with host Geoff Keighley. Tsujimoto said that they will soon “make an announcement that will make everyone happy.” Keighley pushed for more information, although Tsujimoto left it at, “in a few days.”

Monster Hunter World is currently celebrating its “Winter Star Fest” event. The new holiday themed event rolls out new items, and brings back recurring events. The Winter Star Fest brings a Santa Claus-inspired outfit, a winter theme, new items, and more food to the ongoing game. More importantly than those items is a new snowman armor set for your Palico.

Fans are speculating that Tsujimoto is teasing G-Rank hunts coming to Monster Hunter: World. G-Rank is a higher tier of hunts compared to what is in World currently. Monster Hunter World has low rank and high rank hunts, while G-Rank would bring a rank above “high” full of more difficult monsters. G-Rank often sees monsters hitting harder, using new moves, combining moves in new ways, and acting more aggressively. Hardcore Monster Hunter fans have been clamoring for G-Rank to come to the game, and it could be the right time for it.

If it is G-Rank, it will likely be a DLC expansion that could come early next year. Monster Hunter World released on January 26, 2018 and a big G-Rank expansion could hit at or near its anniversary. It’s also possible that Monster Hunter World could be getting new monsters, more areas, or a combination of all three. We’ll get the Monster Hunter World announcement to you as soon as we know.