The Monster Hunter World Winter Star Fest Has All The Christmas Spirit You Need

Monster Hunter: World is officially embracing the holiday spirit we’re all set to soon have as December rolls on in. The Monster Hunter: World Winter Star Fest introduces a new holiday theme, as well as new and returning items that will help you on your Monster Hunter journey.

In a new trailer (which you can see below), the Winter Star Fest will include new holiday gear including Santa Claus-inspired outfits and a new festive theme around the game’s hub area. There’s also new items, new food, returning quests to capture items you missed earlier this year and more.

New and returning items for this event include the Devil May Cry Dante armor, Winter festival layered armor, Mosswine Mask, the Faux Felyne helmet, fluffy dual blades, Kulu-Ya-Ku head, Queen Beetle Armor, and Butterfly Layered armor, among others.

While most Monster Hunter games boast great sales in Japan, Monster Hunter: World broke all worldwide sales records when it launched on January 26 of this year, shipping over five million copies three days after release. By August, Capcom said that they had shipped over 10 million copies worldwide.

Beyond sales, reviews of the latest entry in the franchise were strong upon launch. Jason Faulkner for Game Revolution gave the game a 4.5/5 and the Editor’s Choice award, writing, “In a world so vibrant and full of wondrous monsters and environments, questing by yourself is an immensely satisfying experience and once you get the hang of what you can and can’t do in multiplayer, you’ll have plenty of fun with other players. This is the Monster Hunter game that will finally solidify the series in the West in the way it has been in Japan for over a decade and is a terrific experience from start to finish.”

The Winter Star Fest starts today and will run through December 17.