Red Dead Online Fight Clubs Are Being Organized by Players

As Rockstar looks to rebalance the economy of the snazzy new Red Dead Online mode, a lot of players are putting off the game’s focus on hunting and the like until it’s a bit more worthwhile. Instead, the game has quietly given way to a new scene full of Red Dead Online fight clubs. That’s right, players are coming together and organizing brawls with rules, refs, and even bouncers as the underground fisticuffs have quickly given way to a fully organized outfit that Rockstar seemingly has no plans to stop.

The idea seems to have originated from a mass-brawl going on in-game that naturally developed into an organized set of fights. Since then, more and more players have taken to the circuit, with some, like Redditor phate2000, organizing future meetups for any players interested in joining in.

And to help dissuade fighters who are actively losing a fight or having just suffered a loss from pulling out a gun and shooting up the place, the whole system is underpinned by a set of rules. Fights are instigated by waving to another player, a referee will shoot his pistol twice to start a fight, it seems that only one fight can take place at any one time, and players can use any move they choose as long as the fight starts with a regular punch.

Some fight clubs have even taken to employing bouncers to scare off any would-be troublemakers. The meetups seem largely confined to Saint-Denis, given the twisting labyrinthine feel to the city, it makes sense to hold underground fight circuits in a city that you can easily lose your way in.

Rockstar hasn’t commented on the appearance of the new organizations, suggesting the developer is happy for them to keep working away in the shadowy underbelly of the game. And fair enough, the fight clubs seem pretty difficult to get into unless you already know where to go looking or who to join up with, and it delivers a good bit of fun that hopefully means Red Dead Online will take a little longer to become a terrifying wasteland where only death resides.

(Via GamesRadar+)